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Who is the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center?

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) Law Center is a nonpartisan and nonsectarian entity that believes law is one of the greatest tools for defending human dignity against sex trafficking, pornography, child sexual abuse, and other forms of sexual violence. The law sets social norms, punishes exploiters, and gives justice to survivors.

The NCOSE Law Center promotes and participates in key, precedent-setting cases and advocates in our state and federal legislatures to impact policy for those who have experienced sexual harm.

The NCOSE Law Center empowers citizens to improve their states and communities through model legislation on issues like illegal pornography, illicit massage parlors, the demand for sex trafficking and prostitution, and more.

The NCOSE Law Center also mentors and trains future lawyers and prosecutors to ensure a future generation of legal advocates who know how to best help victims and shape legislation that promotes human dignity and flourishing.

Benjamin Bull

Mr. Benjamin W. Bull serves as General Counsel of the National Center on Sexual Exploitation. He leads the NCOSE Law Center fighting child sexual abuse, illegal pornography, sex trafficking, and other forms of sexual abuse and exploitation.

 A noted constitutional lawyer and former prosecutor, Mr. Bull has had great success preventing the spread of illegal pornography, winning more than 14 jury trials against pornographers without a loss. He has also won numerous obscenity and child pornography appellate cases, including at the Supreme Court.

Mr. Bull has trained prosecutors at the U.S. Department of Justice, and numerous state attorneys general and prosecutorial organizations. He has lectured to over two dozen state bar associations, and also testified before Congress as well as many state legislatures. He is widely published and has co-authored two books that serve as teaching manuals on winning obscenity cases and stopping the urban blight of sexually oriented businesses.

Mr. Bull formerly served as Chief Counsel of Alliance Defending Freedom where he launched and built its litigation and advocacy components, eventually hiring and leading more than 60 attorneys as well as opening and supervising its offices in Washington, D.C, New York City, London, Brussels, Geneva, Vienna, New Delhi, and around the world.

He was the founder and Executive Director of ADF International, a leading global human rights organization.

Mr. Bull also served as founding Executive Director of the European Center for Law and Justice in Strasbourg, France, where he practiced human rights law, and has held leadership positions at several other well-respected legal organizations.

He is the recipient of the prestigious William Bentley Ball Award, from the Christian Legal Society, for outstanding contribution to religious freedom.

Dani Pinter

Dani Pinter, Esq. serves as Senior Legal Counsel for NCOSE and its Law Center. In this role, she drafts and consults on state legislation to support victims of sexual exploitation and hold exploiters accountable. Dani also serves as a voice for human dignity in precedent-setting legal cases on behalf of victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. Dani speaks regularly on a variety of exploitation topics, with a special focus protecting youth in a digital age and on legal solutions to curb the demand for prostituted and sex trafficked individuals. 

Dani Pinter originally joined the NCOSE Law Center at its inception in August of 2015. Dani was instrumental in reinvigorating the law center and traveled the country building relationships and raising awareness. Notably, she drafted the first piece of legislation recognizing the public health impacts of  pornography. This innovative piece of legislation has since been adopted in more than a dozen states. Dani also authored a key legal brief in a case involving a child predator who claimed a constitutional right to find children online and talk to them about sex in an arousing and exploitive manner. Her legal brief helped convince the Georgia Supreme Court to rule against the child predator and shut down the agenda of pro-child exploitation forces to go state by state trying to toss out such laws.

In 2016. Dani moved back to her home state of Florida to start a family and there joined the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families as a Senior Attorney in Children’s Legal Services. In that role, Dani litigated cases involving child abuse, abandonment, and neglect. She worked tirelessly to serve the children and families in need in her home state. During this time, Dani saw first-hand the devastation that sexual abuse inflicts on children and families and the cycle of abuse and trauma it creates.

Throughout her time with Children’s Legal Services, Dani brought the knowledge she gained from NCOSE to every one of her cases. She could not help but note the policy changes and education that were needed in this field. So, when an opportunity to work with NCOSE again arose – Dani seized it without hesitation. Dani rejoined the NCOSE law center in 2019 as Legal Counsel.

Dani has always had a passion for human rights issues especially those affecting women and children. This passion is what led her to Regent University School of Law. Upon acceptance, Dani received the Wilberforce Award, a full academic scholarship for those with human rights interests. While at Regent, Dani was in the Honors Program, a member of the Moot Court Board, the Journal of Global Justice and Public Policy, and the Student Bar Association. During her studies Dani interned with the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) and the Florida Attorney General’s Office of Statewide Prosecution.

Prior to law school Dani worked as a government relations intern for multiple DC policy organizations and graduated from the University of Central Florida with dual degrees in Psychology and Marketing.

Peter Gentala, Senior Legal Counsel for the NCOSE Law Center

Peter Gentala

Peter Gentala serves in the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center as Senior Legal Counsel. Peter’s legal career has focused on advancing justice in the arenas of constitutional law, high-profile litigation, public administration, nonprofit organizations, and standing for the vulnerable and victimized.
Peter has litigated constitutional and public-law cases at every level of the federal court system, including two cases decided by the Supreme Court of the United States. He has substantial experience in public policy and is the author or co-author of numerous pieces of proposed and enacted legislation and state constitutional provisions.
For seven years, Peter served as the General Counsel of the Arizona House of Representatives, a role he held in the administrations of three different Speakers of the House. During Peter’s tenure at the House, his legal counsel and advocacy focused on the highest profile litigation in state government including, inter-branch and stakeholder negotiations, election law, statewide injunctions and consent decrees, the constitutionality of numerous pieces of enacted legislation and voter-enacted measures, and redistricting. 
Peter serves as an appointed member of the Community Advisory Committee of the Arizona Department of Child Safety and on the Board of Directors of the Arizona Child and Family Advocacy Network, an organization dedicated to supporting the multidisciplinary teams that treat the victims of criminal child abuse.
Most recently, Peter served as the General Counsel and Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy at Childhelp, one of the oldest and largest nonprofit organizations focused on the prevention, intervention, and treatment of child abuse. At Childhelp, Peter witnessed first hand the devastation sexually exploitative behavior and material wreaks on young lives. He now relishes the opportunity and privilege to work with NCOSE’s committed team and coalition allies to strike at the evil of sexual exploitation, which is inextricably linked to child abuse, domestic violence, human trafficking, and many other forms of injustice.
Peter Gentala, Senior Legal Counsel for the NCOSE Law Center

Christen Price

Christen Price serves as Senior Legal Counsel for the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center. Christen has been passionate about using the law to stop violence since she first encountered the issue of trafficking in persons in college, and now engages in legal advocacy to end impunity for all forms of sexual exploitation.

In her role at NCOSE, Christen works to influence courts and legislatures toward protecting human dignity and equality on behalf of sexual exploitation survivors, through legislative advocacy, litigation, and providing support to other attorneys, particularly with respect to sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse, and pornography.

Prior to joining NCOSE in 2020, her human rights focus was on conscience protections as Legal Counsel at Alliance Defending Freedom for over four years, where she specialized in First Amendment law.

Christen was also an associate at Wiley Rein LLP, where she worked in a variety of practice areas, including employment law, international trade, white-collar defense, and government contracts.

While in law school, Christen worked for the Department of Justice’s Child Exploitation and Obscenity Section, and was a Law Fellow with Shared Hope International, where she analyzed state law protections across the United States for domestic minor sex trafficking victims.

Christen received her Juris Doctor and a certificate in transnational legal studies at Georgetown University Law Center in 2012, and a bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Cedarville University in 2009. She is admitted to the bar in New York and the District of Columbia.

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