The Problem 


Pornography websites are hosting and profiting from child sexual abuse images showing you or a loved one.


Videos of your rape or a loved one’s sexual assault keep popping up on pornography websites.


Material showing your rape at the hands of a commercial sex buyer while you were being sex trafficked is being disseminated via social media platforms or other websites.


Secret camera footage showing you in a private setting (e.g., bathroom, hotel room, store dressing room, locker room, etc.) is being consumed across the world via cam sites.


Hotels, bars, clubs, etc. allowed sex traffickers and commercial sex buyers to use their premises as a sex trafficking venue to rape you.


Tech corporations built products that allowed sex traffickers to advertise, sell, and exploit you online.

Our Solution

The abuse can feel so overwhelming that it appears inevitable. Justice can feel like a lost cause.

But the abuse is not inevitable and your justice is not a lost cause. It’s our cause.

If you’re ready to see justice served, we are ready to help.


At the National Center on Sexual Exploitation Law Center, we are passionate about championing the rights of survivors. We strive to bring cases that will help shape and set precedents which will make the world a better and safer place.

Could I Qualify for a Lawsuit?

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Did someone upload sexually explicit images of you as a minor, or without your knowledge or consent?

Were you ever forced, coerced, pressured, or tricked into performing paid sex acts?

Did someone solicit or upload sexually explicit images of your child over the Internet?

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